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If your home or business has suffered water damage and is in need of repair, contact us. Our team can assist you with water damage restoration services, no matter how extensive or insignificant your water damage may seem. We are available to assist you with your problem around-the-clock since we understand how important it is to begin with water damage repair soon as possible.

Urgent Restoration is a seasoned water restoration business in Decatur, GA, that is committed to providing our clients with the best water damage cleanup services imaginable. You can count on us to do the job promptly and get rid of all evidence of water damage and flooding in your residence or place of business. Improper water removal and water damage cleanup can lead to further damage to your home or business in the future. Don’t allow this to happen to you, let Urgent Restoration help.

No matter the cause or the extent of your water damage, Urgent Restoration is here to provide superior water damage restoration services. Any water damage emergency in & around Atlanta can be handled by our team of water restoration experts.

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Decatur Emergency Leak Detection

We are here to provide any emergency water damage restoration services to Decatur, GA, including Emergency Leak Detection. We can assist with the cleanup of storm and flood water damage, leaking appliances, burst pipes, slab leaks, broken pipes, and more. We enjoy helping to return people’s lives to normal while working in our own communities.


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Emergency Leak Detection Services – The Warning Signs

Your utility bills keeps increasing
If your water bill is higher than usual without any reasonable cause, contact Urgent Restoration, as this may be a warning sign of a leak. In Decatur, GA we offer leak detection services that can locate leaks that you would be unable to locate on your own.

Musty, Lingering Odors
If you find there is a funky smell that just won’t go away, that could indicate that there is moisture in your property that needs to be addressed.

Low Water Pressure or Running Out of Hot Water too Quickly
If your water pressure seems to change out of the blue, or you seem to have issues with your hot water, it might be time to seek out leak detection services.

If you suspect a water leak in your house, acting quickly can save you a lot of trouble down the road. A water leak may do substantial damage to your house, and the longer it is overlooked, the more damage it may cause. It’s also important to keep in mind that water leaks can be hard to locate, so it’s necessary to be attentive and mindful of any signs that could indicate a leak. If you think there might be a leak in your house, it is important to get in touch with Urgent Restoration so they can inspect it and find the leak’s cause.

Leak Detection Pro Tip from the Water Damage Restoration Experts:

Turn off anything using water in your home or place of business if you think there might be a leak. Find your water meter outside of your house or place of business after you’ve turned it off. While water is flowing, a little triangular flow meter typically spins. Your water meter “spinning” is a sign that there is a leak in the system, most likely a slab leak or an underground leak. Next, scan the area of your house, both inside and out, for water. Pay attention to the sound of water running. A water supply line break may be indicated by a hissing sound. A broken waste line may make a flowing or rolling sound.

Urgent Restoration Leak Detection can help if you can’t locate the leak’s origin. If you have found the leak on your own or need assistance, contact Urgent Restoration to begin the process of fixing the leak and moving forward with any additional water removal or water damage cleanup you may need.

Water damage in closet

Urgent Restoration helps you submit paperwork to your insurance provider immediately, to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible for our customers.
This is yet another way our team can assist you in the process of repairing water damage.


When water enters an area where it was not intended to be, it can cause a variety of various sorts of harm that fall under the umbrella term “water damage.” Depending on the extent of the damage, it can be minimal or disastrous. Natural disasters including floods, storms, hurricanes, and other severe weather events can result in water damage. Plumbing problems including burst pipes, backed-up sewer lines, and other water supply lines can also be to blame. Understanding the various types of water damage is crucial for taking the proper precautions and effectively and promptly resolving the situation.


The least harmful and least contaminated kind of water damage is white water damage. This kind of water damage is typically brought on by a broken pipe or a malfunctioning appliance. Since it is devoid of any bacteria, viruses, or other impurities, it is frequently referred to as “clean” water. It is important to note, however, that water can easily be contaminated by anything it comes into contact with, so white water should still be handled with caution. White water damage examples could include a broken water line to your fridge or overflow from a clean water source.


Due to the possibility of pollutants, gray water damage can be slightly more dangerous than white water damage. Gray water often originates from toilets, showers, and other sources of somewhat tainted water. Scant amounts of contaminants, including soap, urine, and food particles, can be found in gray water. Sink, washer, dishwasher, and bathtub overflows are common culprits in this kind of damage. Even while it is not as bad as black water damage, it can still seriously harm a home or place of business, and can even cause health risks for those within the property.


The most severe sort of water damage, known as “black water damage,” is brought on by highly contaminated water. Flooding, sewage backup, and other sources of contaminated water are frequently the culprits for this kind of damage. Black water can be exceedingly harmful to a person’s health since it can include bacteria, viruses, and other dangerous pathogens. Black water often results in serious damage, including mold growth and structural damage. This kind of damage must be repaired as quickly as possible since, if ignored, it could be quite harmful.

Decatur homeowners and business owners in Decatur, should be aware of the various forms of water damage and take immediate action to resolve any problems. Gray and black water damage can be far more severe and pose health dangers while white water damage frequently only causes structural issues. Even though white water is less dangerous, it should still be dealt with as soon as possible to prevent more serious damage and complications. It’s critical to act immediately to prevent more damage and to protect the security of your home or place of business.


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Water Damage Red Flags

It’s easy to know that you have water damage if there is standing water throughout your home, but can you always tell when something is considered a side effect of water damage? Here are some of the signs you can look out for that may indicate you have water damage and should consult Urgent Restoration for water damage restoration.

Flooded Home In Georgia

Discoloration – Discoloration on walls and ceilings is one of the most obvious symptoms of water damage. A dark stain or discoloration on your walls or ceilings is probably an indication that there is water present and that damage has been done.
Peeling Paint – Another indication of water damage is peeling paint. If you see bubbles, flaking, or cracks in the paint on your walls or ceiling, water damage is probably at blame.

Warping – One prominent indicator of water damage is warping. Your walls or flooring may appear bent or uneven, which is usually the result of water damage.

Musty Smells – If you find there is a lingering odor you just can’t seem to get rid of, water damage could be to blame.

Mold & Mildew – One of the requirements for an area to encourage mold growth is moisture. When your home or business is damaged by water, it can create the ideal environment for mold, mildew, bacteria, and more.

Stains – Water stains are a distinct indicator of water damage. It is most likely that there has been water damage if you see water stains on the floors, ceilings, or walls.


These are the actions we will take to prevent additional water damage in your home. Contact us right away to begin the process.

Contact us, and we’ll either come to you right away or arrange a time for an inspection and evaluation. We are prepared to assist you if there is an emergency.

NOTE: We will guide you through the process of turning off your water supply before we arrive. This is essential for preventing more water from getting inside your house and causing more damage.

If the problem’s origin is unknown, we will conduct a free on-site examination and assessment. The water damage restoration services you’ll require will then be determined by our team of experts.

Our technicians will stop the water source once the examination and assessment are finished. Before we start the water damage repair process, the source of the water must be stopped. Using our commercial-grade extractors, we get rid of every bit of standing water.

Then, we begin drying the impacted area (s). This step makes sure that any moisture that may still be present has been eliminated. We set up air movers, dehumidifiers, and air scrubbers to swiftly and effectively dry your house or place of business.

Lastly, if necessary, we start the mold removal and preventive process. To establish when the affected areas are dry and free of mold and humidity, a professional IICRC-Certified technician will utilize special monitoring equipment and obtain all necessary readings.

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Decatur, Georgia, is a vibrant and historic city located just six miles east of downtown Atlanta. Founded in 1822, Decatur was named after naval hero Stephen Decatur and quickly became a center of commerce and governance for DeKalb County.

Known for its charming downtown square, Decatur offers a mix of small-town atmosphere and urban amenities. The area is rich with historic architecture, including well-preserved homes and buildings that reflect its 19th-century roots. Decatur’s strong sense of community is evident in its numerous annual events, such as the Decatur Arts Festival, Decatur Book Festival, and the Decatur Craft Beer Festival.

The city is a hub for education and learning, being home to prestigious institutions like Agnes Scott College and Columbia Theological Seminary. These institutions contribute to Decatur’s reputation for intellectual and cultural vitality.

Decatur’s diverse culinary scene, featuring a wide range of local and international cuisines, has earned it a reputation as a food lover’s paradise. The city’s numerous parks, like Glenlake Park and Decatur Square, provide ample recreational opportunities for residents and visitors alike.

With its close proximity to Atlanta, excellent public schools, and a welcoming, progressive community, Decatur has become a desirable place to live, work, and visit. The city’s blend of historical significance, vibrant cultural life, and modern conveniences makes it a unique and attractive destination in the Atlanta metropolitan area.

It’s important to act quickly when it comes to water damage. You shouldn’t let it sit any longer than it has to. The sooner you call us for water remediation and restoration services, the sooner we can eliminate the possibility of permanent damage to your home.
If you have experienced water damage and are in need of water restoration services in Atlanta, contact us right away!
We have a staff of experienced technicians on hand, ready to act as soon as we get your call. We can help restore your home back to normal.



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