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Winter Haven Water Damage Restoration

Emergency Water Damage Repair

We provide Winter Haven with full service water damage restoration and repair, in addition to flood cleanup and water removal


Your Local Winter Haven Water Damage Experts

If extensive water damage has left your home or business in disrepair, donʼt panic. We know how important it is to start remediating water damage as soon as possible. That’s why we’re on standby 24/7 to help you with your situation!

You can trust us to get the job done quickly and effectively, removing any and all signs of water and water damage from your home of business. Our thorough process also helps to prevent any further damage from happening to your home.

If your home or business has damage from a hurricane, a broken appliance, flooding or any other type of water damage, call us now. Our team has seen it all and we can handle any type of Winter Haven water damage emergency.

Emergency Leak Detection in Winter Haven

We’re here to help with any emergency water damage restoration services in Winter Haven, FL. We can help with clean up from leaking appliances, leaking and busted pipes, slab leaks, as well as storm and flood water damage. We enjoy working in our own communities and restoring people’s lives back to normal.


Find a Water Leaking

Have you noticed your utility bills are unusually high?

If you notice that your water bill has begun to increase over time, call Urgent Restoration in Winter Haven and we can determine whether or not your home has a leak. Urgent Restoration has Leak Detection equipment and services that can find a leak that you may not be able to find on your own.

Have you noticed any loss of water pressure? Are you running out of hot water quicker than usual?

These are signs of a potential underground water leak. Or possibly a water heater that is ready to die. Standing water inside your house or out in the yard can also be a sign of a water leak.


If you simply suspect a water leak, turn off anything that uses running water in your home or business. After you turn it off, locate your water meter on the outside of your home or business. It is normally a small triangle flow meter that spins when water is flowing. If your meter is “spinning”, then this is an indication of a water leak and more than likely this can mean a slab leak or an underground water leak. Now look for water around your home, inside and out. Listen for the sound of running water; a hiss sound can indicate a water supply line break. A flowing or rolling sound can indicate a broken waste line. 

If you cannot find the source of the leak, Urgent Restoration Leak Detection can come to the rescue. It’s imperative not to hesitate when you have a water leak – Urgent Restoration is prepared to act immediately upon contact.

If you have a leak or signs of a water leak, click below!

How Do Winter Haven Water Damage Restoration Services Work?

There are certain steps that need to be taken during water damage mitigation. Removing all standing water is the most important task, which is started right away after the assessment is complete. Keep reading to learn more about the process.

STEP 1: Initial Contact

Once you call us, we’ll determine the scope of the damage. This is also the time when we’ll schedule an onsite inspection and assessment. 

IMPORTANT: Prior to our arrival we will guide you to turn off your water supply. This will prevent further water from entering your home and causing more damage.

STEP 2: Inspection and Assessment

Next, we will do a free on-site inspection and assessment to locate the source of the problem. We’ll then identify the water damage restoration services that you’ll need. For example, if the water damage has caused a mold problem, you’ll likely need some mold removal services in addition to water damage cleanup. 

STEP 3: Water Removal and Extraction

After the inspection and assessment is complete, our technicians will eliminate the source of the water. Stopping the source of the water must happen before we can begin restoration services. We remove all the standing water with our commercial grade extractors.

STEP 4: Drying and Dehumidification

Next we start to dry the affected area(s). This step ensures that any remaining moisture in the area is removed. We set up air movers, dehumidifiers, and air scrubbers to dry your home or business as quickly and efficiently as possible.

STEP 5: Cleaning and Sanitizing

Finally, we begin the mold removal and prevention process, if needed. A certified technician will monitor equipment and take all necessary readings to determine when the affected areas are dry and free of mold and humidity.  

For added peace of mind, our team helps you in filing documentation directly with your insurance company.

Winter Haven Water Damage Clean up

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Winter Haven Water Damage FAQ

Some of the main causes of water damage are:

  • Hurricanes
  • Flooding / storm water
  • Leaking appliances
  • Plumbing issues
  • Overflowing sink/shower/bathtub
  • Sewage backup

Every situation is different and the time it takes depends on the severity of the water damage. Remediation and restoration can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks. Urgent Restoration works as quickly and efficiently as possible to remediate your water damage and get your home back to normal.

The longer you wait to call restoration and mitigation services, the more likely it is that the water will sit and cause additional damage. When it sits for too long, it can saturate and eventually lead to a mold problem. This is why it is imperative to call us as soon as possible.

The cost of restoration varies from situation to situation and it depends on the severity of the water damage. Once we inspect and assess the situation, we will provide you with a detailed plan before we move forward with the restoration process. We use industry standard pricing to give you an estimate before we start the project. 

Water damage can most definitely be hidden. The main sign of water damage is mold. The worse the mold, the worse the water damage. If you notice a mold buildup in one or more areas of your home, call Urgent Restoration services as soon as you notice it.

Most of the time, yes they will. Call us to learn more about how we can help you and work directly with your insurance company for your water or flood damage.

If you have experienced water damage and are in need of emergency restoration services in Winter Haven, call us now!

We have professional technicians, ready to help you as soon as you call. Be sure that our team can assist restore your home back to normal.