Expectations for Water Restoration Duration

Jan 29, 2024 | Water Damage Restoration

As soon as we receive the call to repair your home or business that has been damaged by water, our goal is always to get the water damage restoration work done as quickly as possible. Upon making our assessment of your unique situation, we will have a pretty good idea of what we are facing and will be able to provide you with much more information. We will discuss some of the factors that need to be taken into account when it comes to estimating how long it will take a project to complete. Here we will discuss some of those factors.
Do you have standing water or a continuous leak in your home or business? Flood mitigation and removal would be the first step and could take some time to restore your home. Our next step is to dehumidify all of the remaining water that has been left behind by the flood, and we can determine when we have finished the job. We use special sensors and monitors to help us know when we have completed the task. There are a number of factors that can affect the dehumidification process, such as temperature and humidity levels of the surrounding air.

Amount of Damage

A water damage situation that affects your entire property can be very different from one that affects only your laundry room, for example. You will be able to see how long the restoration process takes depending on the magnitude of the project. Are your walls and floors in need of repair? How much furniture and personal belongings are in need of repair in your area? These are things we will assess and that will help determine how long the restoration process will take.

Type Of Damage

Some types of water damage are…

  • Flooding
  • Storm and precipitation damage
  • Leaking pipes
  • High humidity damage
  • Sewage or drainage overflow
  • As a result of these various things, if there is water damage, how much water is standing, if the water is still flowing, contamination, and so on, there will be different scenarios that will need to be dealt with as
  • part of the restoration process and these can result in the need for different or added jobs to be carried out.

Water Exposure Duration

Whenever a water damage incident occurs, it is important that you contact someone about water damage restoration as soon as possible. As a result of standing water or prolonged water damage, you can experience an amalgamation of problems within your home or business building materials, along with your furniture fabrics and the surfaces of your belongings.

Water Toxicity

It is important for your restoration company to take extra precautions if there is a chance your water damage was contaminated by sewage or in another way. To ensure that no one in your household contracts an illness or infection caused by traces of bacteria left behind by the water, they will need to perform some additional sanitization and sterilization.

We understand that considering all of this may feel overwhelming. Urgent Restoration will take all of these things into consideration and get your restoration job completed as quickly as possible. After something like this happens, it is extremely important to get back into your home or business and get your life back to normal. Put your trust in Urgent Restoration, contact us today.